Top Electric Cars to Look Out for in 2022


As the world attempts to move away from the use of fossil fuel, the leading car companies are upgrading their game with fully electric-powered cars.

Electric cars are future-proof, as they ensure low carbon emission, and do not rely on traditional energy sources. If you love a good ride, but at the same time, you’re concerned about the increasing threat of global warming, choosing an EV would be a great way to ‘go green’.


2021 has a number of powerful electric vehicles to offer. In this article, we have narrowed down our top 3 picks.


But before we hop into the list, let’s take a quick look at the reasons why you should consider getting an electric vehicle (EV) in the first place. First and foremost, an EV has a low environmental impact, as it’s entirely run by batteries, and doesn’t have any emissions. To reduce the carbon footprint further, you may also choose to charge the vehicle with sustainable energy.

In an EV, maintenance of the electric motor is very minimal, as compared to cars with petrol or diesel engines. 

An electric car can save you tons of bucks annually, as it requires a much lower running cost than regular petrol and diesel vehicles. 

Although there have been multiple speculations about the performance of EVs, the industry-leaders such as Tesla and Porsche have come up with some of the fastest and most powerful cars that the world has ever seen.

Now, let’s move on to the EV stars that we are eagerly waiting for in 2021. 

3.Tesla Model S Plaid

The Tesla Model S Plaid is made for those who prefer luxurious rides, and also want to be responsible towards the environment. As one of the costliest EVs in the world, this model promises an elegant body, along with a premium driving experience.

In 2021, Tesla is offering a more powerful and upgraded version of the Model S. Featuring 3 onboard electric motors, it is set to offer an output of 1020 hp, with a driving range of 390 miles per charge. Reportedly, the vehicle will have a capacity of 0-60 mph in 2.0 seconds. 

The interiors of the vehicle are all about embracing minimalism, with a large infotainment screen that operates the car. Coming to the safety features, this one features standard automated emergency braking, standard lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving mode.

  1. BMW i4

 Featuring a grand design and a series of impressive technical inclusions, the BMW i4 is all set to hit the road soon. It is available in two variants of 335bhp and rear-wheel-drive, and  544bhp and all-wheel drive.

With a boot of 470 liters, the EV is powered by an extremely slim lithium-ion battery located beneath the passenger cell. Coming to acceleration, the 335 bhp reaches 0-62 mph in 5.7 seconds, as claimed. It offers a range of 367 miles per charge.

The interior of the car boasts the brand-new iDrive system, which is BMW’s very own in-car control system. The 12.3-inch digital instrument panel comes with a 14.9-inch giant infotainment screen, creating a gorgeous Curved Display. The advanced voice control software is reportedly going to have the capacity for natural language recognition. 


  1. Porsche Taycan

The 2021 Porsche Taycan is undoubtedly one of the best EVs that 2021 has to offer. Featuring an 800 V architecture along with a multi-speed transaxle, the model offers an impressively quick charging time and equally impressive speed. In terms of acceleration, the 523bhp 4S touches the 0-62 mph mark in a sweeping 4.0 seconds, and if you opt for the Turbo S 750 bhp, it goes down to an unbelievable 2.8 seconds. The vehicle is fast, and it makes sure that you feel its pace.

Models with 83.7 kWh battery take only about 23 minutes to go from 5% to 80%, whereas the 400 V DC fast chargers (50 KW) take 93 minutes for the same.

As for the interiors, Porsche doesn’t disappoint, as always. There is a wide range of vibrant cover options to choose from. It also offers luxurious features like four-zone climate control, heated rear seats, and massaging front seats.

Being the first EV from Porsche, Taycan gives us a glimpse into the company’s vision of switching to electric power. As the very first model, Porsche has done an amazing job at creating a polished and brilliantly crafted electric model that is a treat to drive.

The Tesla Model X, BMW Electric i8 Roadster, BMW iX3, Rivian R1S, etc are some of the other powerful EVs that definitely deserve to be mentioned.

Even though luxury electric cars come with a hefty price tag, often buyers are willing to pay the price considering the amenities, elegance, and low environmental impact they promise.

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