Find Me A Doctor Services


There are times when you’re either too sick or too busy to get out of the house and go see a doctor.

Trust us, we know that in times like this, even though you know that you need to see a doctor, you can’t see yourself leaving the comfort of your home, negotiating traffic, and sitting for long hours in the hospital’s waiting room before finally having to start explaining to the doctor how you feel. Great news! There is now a wide range of mobile apps that can help you find doctors and consult with them—without having to leave the comfort of your house.

There are many apps across several different platforms that you can use to find doctor’s services. Listed here are some of the very best mobile apps that you can use to consult with a doctor without having to go through the series of stresses that are usually involved with a doctor’s visit.

    • Doctor On Demand: This is arguably the best-known telemedicine platform, and that’s not without good reason. The Doctor On Demand mobile app enables users to consult with a psychologist or physician via video, without having to leave their homes. To consult with a physician, either for yourself or on behalf of a child, the cost is $40, making this an extremely easy and affordable option for you to receive treatment for a range of illnesses.
Source: Doctors on Demand Website

It’s also possible for you to speak with a psychologist at the rate of $50 per 25-minute session or $95 rate per 50-minute session. You can get professional help for issues related to eating disorders, addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, and many more. The Doctor On Demand mobile app is available for download via the web, iOS, and Android.

    • DermatologistOnCall: This is a great service that you can rely on any time you have a skin issue for which you simply can’t wait for an appointment with the dermatologist. This service has board-certified dermatologists that specialize in identifying and treating conditions like shingles, rosacea, psoriasis, poison ivy, lice, genital herpes, eczema, athlete’s foot and acne. It’s even possible for the dermatologists to diagnose melanoma or basal cell carcinoma.

When using the DermatologistOnCall service, you will have to share a description and photos of your skin condition. The dermatologist can then provide you with a diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan, and appropriate prescriptions. The DermatologistOnCall service costs about $59 and can be obtained online via a platform of HIPAA-complaint.

    • FirstLine: This app offers patients house calls from doctors, which makes it a great option for people that aren’t completely comfortable consulting with a doctor through video call, and prefer face-to-face conversation. For visits during daytime business hours, this service costs $199, but prices are subject to variability depending on the time of day.

It is possible for the doctors to perform different procedures in your office or at your house, including EKGs, minor surgery, suturing, IV fluids administration and others. It is also possible for them to perform tests like those for HIV, flu, strep and others. Insurers can partially or fully reimburse the doctor’s visit cost. Booking a visit can be done by calling any of the numbers listed on the website of FirstLine.

    • First Opinion: This mobile app does something very unique—it connects you with a doctor at no cost. It’ makes it possible for you to talk to a doctor at any time of day at no charge. There is an average response time of 2 minutes and 35 seconds, meaning that you don’t have to wait for too long to get an answer, no matter what your concern is. Questions can range across subjects such as sleeping disorders, rashes, sexual health, chronic conditions, flu, and allergies.

If there is a need for the doctor or physician to send some prescriptions to the pharmacy in your locality or to order laboratory tests, the cost is $35. It is not necessary that you have insurance before using the First Opinion, but if you do have insurance, prescribed services are covered in the majority of cases. The doctor will keep in touch with you to monitor your progress and ask some follow-up questions at no additional cost. The mobile app is only available for iOS.

    • This mobile app helps users to control their anxiety and depression. It makes it possible to speak to a coach via a phone call or chat immediately, instead of having to wait to secure an appointment with a specialist. The coach will create a care plan that is personalized for you, and you can then schedule an appointment with any therapist that practices evidence-based psychotherapy.

For medication, it’s possible to get connected with a primary physician that can determine your needs in terms of medication. The mobile app offers self-care tools which you can make use of 24/7, and can also send your basic information to the coach to enable them to monitor your progress. It is possible for you to sign up to through their website.

    • Heal: This mobile app enables users to fix a doctor’s appointment or house call any day of the week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Heal sends a licensed, background-checked physician to your hotel room, office or home at a convenient time for you. This makes it very easy to receive a diagnosis and treatment any time that you’re sick, eliminating the need to wait in a waiting room before seeing a physician or doctor.

The app can be downloaded and used on both iOS and Android platforms.

    • HealthTap: This mobile app grants users access to an abundance of health knowledge that is curated and organized by doctors with a feature known as Virtual Consult, which helps users reach a doctor through text, voice or video call. It’s also possible for users to get help via web or smartphone, whereby you can then share test results and photos, and then receive immediate referrals, treatments and answers.

When you have the prime subscription for HealthTap, you have access to 24/7 text and video chats with unlimited consults. There is also a concierge service provided by HealthTap that allows you to connect with personal doctors through text, voice or video from any part of the world. The HealthTap mobile app is available for download on iOS, Andriod or from the web.

    • Opternative: This is a doctor service provider that offers convenient and fast ways of getting new prescriptions for contacts and glasses. There is an online examination offered by the company that can be taken via your computer or smartphone. It’s totally free to take the exam, and the cost of a contacts or glasses prescription is $40, or you can receive both for $60. A signed prescription will be received that can be used to get contacts or glasses anywhere.

Major credit and debit cards are accepted by Opternative, and it also accepts FSA and HSA cards. It is important to note that even though Opternative is a very convenient way to get your contacts or glasses prescriptions updated, it should never be seen as an total replacement for a traditional eye examination. Opternative maintains that patients should see an ophthalmologist once every two years.

    • Pager: This mobile app offers users house calls on demand within about two hours. It is possible for you to connect with doctors or nurses and get all of your questions answered, with the practitioner visiting you in a hotel, your office or your home. The doctors available on the Pager mobile app can offer the appropriate diagnosis, evaluation and prescriptions for a range of minor and major conditions or injuries.

The Pager mobile app also offers complete physicals and examinations for employment or school, urgent care to children that are 6 months and older, and also deliver prescriptions. The app is available for download on the iOS platform. The very first visit is only $50, after which each in-person visit costs $200 and physical examinations cost $100.

    • PlushCare: This service enables users to get diagnoses, treated and prescribed medication—all from their phones. It’s possible to get same-day appointments and consult with a doctor about your symptoms to receive treatment. The doctors at PlushCare can prescribe medication, recommend treatments, and diagnose flus and colds, respiratory infections, pink eye, poison ivy, allergies, bronchitis and medical refills. Prescriptions can be sent to the local pharmacy by your doctor and users can use the PlushCare service whether they have insurance or not. First visits cost $99, while subsequent visits are priced at $69. The PlushCare mobile app is available for download on the iOS platform.
    • This is an online medical and doctor service that tries to totally replace—not just supplement—the medical services that we have already. SteadyMD provides you with the same fully-trained physician, with interests that are very similar to your own, each time you use the service. The SteadyMD service retrieves all of your health records and integrates all of the data from the different fitness apps in use to keep your medical records updated.

With a SteadyMD membership, it’s possible for you to enjoy virtual visits, phone calls and unlimited texts. You are always going to get the same doctor. The doctors at SteadyMD see fewer patients, which makes it possible for them to give you a lot more time and consideration than with other services. It’s also possible for you to choose your doctor and make sure that the doctor is someone that you have things in common with and you can get along well with.

    • MDLIVE: This service offers behavioural and dermatological health care, general medical care, and even urgent care. It’s a doctor service that offers their services all throughout the day, and it’s totally free to register. It takes less than 15 minutes to connect and speak to a doctor via video, voice or text. The prices of the services vary, with the first consult with a psychiatrist, for example, costing $259 with subsequent visits at $99; while dermatology first visits cost $69, counseling $99 and urgent care $75.

If you have insurance, it’s possible for you or your benefitting party to pay less. There is no subscription fee for the MDLIVE doctor services; you will only need to pay for the cost of your care. The mobile app can also be used by patients that are hearing-impaired through a live chat feature that is HIPAA compliant. There is a toll-free number that can be called for appointments. There is also an Android and iPhone app that makes it a lot easier to get an appointment with the online doctor. It’s also possible to use any computer that has internet access to make video calls and consult with the doctor online.