Fashion Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Each year brings along with it its own fashion trends and 2021 is no exception. If you’re a fashion person, trends are something you look forward to.

The trends of 2021 are definitely worth taking note of, especially considering the unpredictable weather we’ve been having and how this impacts our choice of clothing.

There are a few fashion trend themes that are going to take center stage in 2021, which are already proving popular on the summer/spring fashion shows. These include:


Oversized Hats

Jacquemus La Bomba hats were all over Instagram throughout much of the summer season last year, and this year is bound to be very similar—different designer brands are already creating different stylish oversized hat styles for this summer season.

Sensible Shorts

Last year was all about the cycling shorts, but this season is looking more like it will lean towards a looser fit. It’s time for skirts to take some time off while we try slightly more boyish alternatives this summer 2021.

Tight Pleats

Tight pleats were everywhere we looked last year and are bound to return with the same force in summer 2021; this time even more intricate. Micro pleats are going to be more tightly bound to ensure the maximum impact is generated—so look out for more movement and fluctuating silhouettes when the pleats contract and expand.


It might come as a surprise that this classic 60s print has made a comeback. The trend in 2021 is bound to be more chic than the original tie-dye pieces, and there are a variety of different approaches to the look, from bold two-pieces to subtle and flowing beach maxis. Tie-dye is one fashion trend that is set to take 2021 by storm.

Fancy Flats

This is the season where we finally ditch stiletto heels for the more comfortable flats. Flats that are both fancy and comfortable are going to be the major shoe trend of 2021. Models are already rocking fancy flats on the runway, so the same should apply to you.

Summer Waterproofs

If there is one thing that we learned from the weather last season, it’s that one should be prepared for everything and anything. The new trending summer waterproofs are really going to serve you well this season, especially paired with sunglasses, a bikini, and knee-high wellington boots.


Last autumn we were obsessed with cowboy boots, which made it almost certain that there would be another Western-inspired trend infiltrating our wardrobes this year. So look out for fringing on everything from skirts to jackets to handbags, and everything in-between.


Not for the faint-hearted, this zesty, vibrant hue is back with a bang this year. It is a brave fashion choice that will make you stand out and pop. This is one super chic fashion trend for 2021.

Puffed Shoulders

Rocking the bold shoulders is no new thing, but this year instead of boxy, padded numbers, we’re getting much puffier. These work best on feminine dresses with square necklines, elasticated pleats, and those that are more gathered around the shoulder. This fashion trend is often largely dependent on the weather, as layering becomes difficult!


Sequins have always been a fashion trend and it won’t be stopping any time soon. They have stood the test of time due to the diverse ways in which they can be worn, still remaining totally chic, adding a touch of glamor to your look. 

Neutrals Head-to-Toe

Not a new trend by any means, but monochrome neutrals will continue to be a top-trending fashion choice for 2021.


This is going to be a major new fashion trend for 2021. The runways are already brimming with crochet and macramé, meaning that fishnets are going to take a prime spot this season.


Bandana and paisley prints are going to be everywhere in the shows, featuring in a lot more items than just scarves during this 2021 season.


These are going to be a huge hit in 2021, largely due to polka dots featuring more monochrome looks than before, resulting in a much more mature and sophisticated look. This is one sure fashion trend to look forward to in 2021.

Butterfly Details

This 90s-style fashion trend is back with a bang in 2021 and is heating the runways already.

Black-and-White Checks

This is another 90s-influenced fashion choice that is making its way back in 2021. Everywhere we look this season, there are checkerboard patterns.

Color Blocking

This might sound old-school, but multiple colors across solid pieces are the next big hit when it comes to the fashion trends for 2021.


This is a very popular 70s trend that different designers are beginning to turn to and work on. Get ready to rock knitted pieces everywhere this year!

Metallic Plaid

This is another super chic 2021 fashion trend that is going to be so in vogue. Even though it’s plaid, it’s the vintage look that makes it so fashionable. Apart from the go-to fashion trends for 2021, some overarching themes are dictating this year’s fashion style. These themes inspire trends. Some of the fashion themes for 2021 include:

Hippy Modernism

An escapist turn that’s been taken by designers towards the trend of Neo Boho this season. This look is sensual, languid, and long, saturated in sunset hues from warm deserts. This trend can be seen woven through raffia accessories, crochet pieces, and amulet jewelry. You will see the essence of hippy modernism across crochet shoulder sacks, fringing, artisan knits, scarf dresses, clashing geometric prints, and monochrome neutrals.

Color Wheel Tailoring

One wardrobe classic that will never go away is the suit—it’s simply evergreen. In 2021, the prominent style is starburst suiting, which runs based on the cut and color of the garment. Jackets, trousers, shorts, and skirts will come in bright, bold shades that can be paired together as a complete look or can be combined with softer hues and dressed down a little with denim.

Color wheel tailoring produces statement looks that are both subtle and bright, with bold shades and pastels. Blazers can be asymmetric-knot-fastened, double-breasted, single-breasted, and the lower half can either be fitted or loose. This season, it’s the color over the cut that matters.

Low-Key Utility

There is a new concept emerging this year in fashion houses known as accessomorphosis, which is all about replacing accessories such as wallets and bags with utilitarian clothing items. Accessomorphosis creates garments with patch pockets that are labeled ‘phone’, ‘coins’, and ‘keys’, for example. This theme shows that it’s possible for fourth-wave feminism to take designers to avenues that weren’t expected. The idea behind this particular trend is that if you’re going to be multitasking, your clothes should be doing the same.

The prominent look for the low-key utility trend is patch pockets that come with front-loaded tool belts that can be slung across the wearer’s body.

Wonky Couture

This trend will provide the antidote for the athleisure wear and hoodies that will also be rampant this year. We’re talking personality-packed volume dresses, sunray pleats, swirls of duchess satin and taffeta, bubble skirts, balloon sleeves, ruffles, and fine tulle. There is going to be a new-found appreciation of the craft skills and couture needed for traditional dressmaking.

This fabulous fashion theme is sure going to be up and visible across the trends we will see throughout the year. Look out for the 50s- and 60s-style couture gowns that have been reworked into more casual, less precious, and shorter pieces. They can even be worn alongside sneakers for an everyday look. For the more formal look, we’re expecting wonky couture to feature anything from ostrich feathers to tight pleats on various corsages, volume dresses, and precious cocktail sheaths.

Feathery Accessories

2021 is all about the feathers. An emerging brand-new theme, the feathers can be peacock or ostrich and are beginning to replace fur as the leading material for accessories. 2021 is set to be the breakout year for feathery accessories in the world of fashion.

Square Toes

The past few months have presented us with a somewhat revival of 90s fashion sensations with trends like frosted lip shades, fluffy accessories, satin skirts, and slip dresses making a comeback into the fashion scene. Despite this, we have not yet seen this particular theme from the 90s make a comeback, but the time to do it is now.

The square toe renaissance is already in full swing in the form of flats and satin pumps that give off strong regency vibes. Make no mistake, square toes are not going to be just a temporary trend on the fashion scene, they’re here to stay and different fashion brands are already showing us how at fashion shows.

Sweet Valley High

Throwbacks to the past have underpinned fashion themes for 2021, which makes nostalgia itself a form of fashion trend for this year. Sweet Valley High in particular is a throwback to the terrestrial television of the early 90s. The look can be likened to the style of many television shows from the 90s with the XL lapels, boxy blazers, and clashing graphics. We’re talking swirling terrestrial TV graphics in bright, bold shades, and paint stroke prints clashing with pastels. This theme features a top-heavy silhouette, with oversized shirts, and the return of popular 90s styles such as light-wash acid denim paired with boxy blazers.


2021 is going to be a huge year for fashion. A lot of the fashion trends of 2021 are essentially throwbacks to the trends of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s that have been reworked and thrown back out into the fashion scene.

Some of the many fashion trends to look forward to in 2021 discussed in this article include oversized hats, sensible shorts, tight pleats, tie-dye, fancy flats, summer waterproofs, fringing, neons, puffed shoulders, sequins, neutrals head-to-toe, fishnets, scarf-print patterns, polka dots, butterfly details, black and white checks, pale blue, color blocking, crotchet, and metallic plaid. All of these fashion trends should be considered when you’re deciding to update your 2021 wardrobe.

The fashion trends of 2021 have been inspired by some major underpinning fashion themes that designers are now taking up and working with. These themes include wonky couture, feathery accessories, square toes, and Sweet Valley High. You will see these themes emerging in 2021, whether you are a fashion enthusiast or not!